Soccer Camps in California are a Beautiful Thing

The kids cluster around the synthetic rubber sphere kicking and screaming at it and each other in unison. If they are lucky the tips of their shoes are actually touching the ball, but the majority are striking their teammates shins.? The ball rolls a couple of inches at a time, every once in a while it squirts out of the hungry pack of flailing feet, but it?s escape is short lived.? The hovering knot of hyped up children soon catches the ball and it disappears once again into the twisted hoard of legs and feet.?? Soccer, the beautiful game but is it really? They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.? World Soccer Camps sees beauty in that swarm of pint-sized humanity making them a leader among soccer camps in California.

5,000 future David Beckhams? and Mia Hamms? attended World Cup Soccer Camps last year compared that to just 30 kids who attended the first World Cup Soccer Camps in California (San Mateo) just over twenty years ago.? The dramatic rise in attendance at the camp can be attributed to two factors; the upswing in the popularity of soccer in North America and the hard work, dedication and passion of Ruedi Graf who started World Cup Soccer Camps in 1991.

There are plenty of players on the pitch when it comes to soccer camps in California.? To be a header above the rest, World Cup Soccer Camps have earned the reputation of one of the best all-round camps.? A team of 90 coaches, with a ratio of 10-1 participants to instructors, guide players from age 5 all the way to 18.? The goal is to bring out the full potential of every child on the field regardless of their skill set.? This is accomplished through a concentrated focus on fundamentals and an emphasis on instruction, all while having fun in a safe environment.
From drop-off to pick-up, participants will be passing, dribbling, shooting, trapping and scoring.? The experienced coaching staff will keep a close watch to evaluate the player progress.? This is to ensure every participant is in the proper category, which not only challenges them to improve their skills but also builds their confidence so they keep pushing themselves at soccer camps in California.

World Cup Soccer Camps is more than just soccer?camps in California, there are also private training instructors who offer personalized training to individuals or small groups.? These highly qualified coaches are experts at the development of technical skills and game tactics. Their customize practice sessions, that are available year round, challenge participants to set, meet and most times exceed their goals.

World Cup Soccer Camps are running all over Northern California including the San Francisco Bay Area. We now also offer camps across the USA. World Cup Soccer Camps and Ruedi Graf have more expansions in mind, which will help keep the beautiful game? beautiful. Click here for a full list of current locations and their schedules and, please, check back as the list continues to expand.

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