12 Questions Every Parent Needs to Ask Before Choosing a Soccer Camp

It is important to know that you have options when choosing soccer camps. Here at World Cup Soccer Camps & Clinics, we feel that you should have the answers clearly laid out before you decide which to choose.

Soccer Camp

Following are 12 questions that parents need to ask before choosing a soccer camp:

  1. What is the history of the camp? We, World Cup Soccer Camps & Clinics has been providing soccer camps since 1991, increasing the number of camps and locations offered each year.
  1. What is the experience of the coaches? We ensure the highest standard of professional coaching with over 90 coaches certified in California.
  1. What are the offered locations? We pride ourselves on offering more locations than any other soccer camp. We currently run camps in Northern California, and across the USA. You can search all our locations here.
  1. What is the length of the soccer camps? We try to accommodate all schedules with half-day and full-day soccer camps and the option for extended care. Camps are held weekdays, from June onwards till August. Take a look at the ?Current and future camp schedule?for a complete schedule of all our camps.
  1. Are there options for one-on-one training? We do offer individual and group training sessions. Individual sessions are good for players who wish to catch up on a specific skill, which others have mastered. We work with you to determine what your child needs and help you meet their goals.
  1. How do I determine the appropriate level for my child? It is very important that your child is placed in the right level. We wish to ensure they are comfortable, yet challenged ? we continue to monitor their progress and will work with you to determine if they should move up or down a level.
  1. What is the coach to player ratio? With a 1 to 10 coach to player ratio, there is more time to evaluate individual players and focus on developing both athletic and team building skills, while ensuring maximum participation, fun and enjoyment.
  1. What Skills are learned? Our emphasis is on creating a fun and safe environment first and foremost, however we will work with each player to build on their athletic and team building skills with a focus on passing, kicking, dribbling and general understanding of the game as it relates to the age of the players.
  1. My child is sensitive to weather ? how do you address this in an outdoor venue? Our staff is trained to stop for water breaks frequently throughout camp. We make an effort to hold our camps at sites that provide adequate shade and do not get too hot. If necessary, we will put up tents to provide additional shade for the campers.
  1. What you expect parents to do? Please have your child to the camp on time each day and picked up when the camp ends unless extended care has been approved. Encourage your child to explore the game and have fun.
  1. How do I prepare my child each day? Since we are outside, prepare for the weather – remember to put sunscreen on your child! Bring shin guards, cleats, sunscreen, a snack, and water. Full Day campers also need to bring a lunch.
  1. What about a jersey or T-shirt? We know how important it is that your child feel part of a group so we provide every player with a T-shirt as well as a soccer ball.

To find out more about our soccer camps, contact World Cup Soccer Camps & Clinics at camps@worldcupsoccercamps.com.

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