How To Get Ready For Soccer Tryouts

Soccer, or football as it is known outside of North America, has proven to be a popular athletic sport for kid and adults. With soccer season coming up that means that it is time for soccer tryouts. Here are a few tips to help people get ready for soccer tryouts.


?Soccer is a great sport because there are only a few pieces of equipment needed to play the game. A pair of gym shorts, a T-shirt, athletic socks and running shoes is the basic athletic equipment needed for soccer. People might also want to have gym pants and a longer shirt for cooler outdoor weather practice or games. Those who are training for goalkeeper position may want to purchase goalkeeper gloves, but these gloves are not needed for any other position on a soccer team.

Soccer Tryouts
Soccer is a fun sport to play.

The most important part of the soccer uniform is the shoes. If soccer is being played in an indoor gymnasium or field, then a regular pair of athletic running shoes will suffice. For outdoor soccer, a pair of cleats will be needed. Cleats are a type of athletic shoe that have studs on the bottom of the soles. They are used to help gain traction on the outdoor field, which is particularly helpful if the ground is soft or muddy from a recent rain. While some cleats may be metal and spiked, most cleats will be rounded at the bottom. Pointed cleats are illegal in some soccer organizations due to safety concerns. People should contact the soccer organization directly to find out if spiked cleats are allowed.

While the soccer organization will likely have their own soccer balls for games and tryouts, people should make sure to purchase a soccer ball to practice with, both before tryouts, and after they have made it onto the team. Have a tote or small gym bag to carry the equipment. Do not forget to include a water bottle to keep hydrated.

Soccer Positions

?There are several different positions on a soccer team. The goalkeeper stays in the soccer net and prevents the other team from scoring a goal on the goalkeeper?s team. The defenders help defend their team?s goal from the opposing team. The forwards work together to move the ball forward to score a goal for the opposing team. Midfielders switch between acting as defensive and offensive for their team. The players should pick one position on a soccer team to try out for, as they will be able to work on perfecting their skills for that position during tryouts.


Finally, it is important to practice for tryouts. Improving cardiovascular skills through running or aerobic exercises doing strength training to improve muscle in the legs and calves will help a person improve their soccer skills.

To help improve with specific techniques, like dribbling and passing, people should consider doing a one on one or group training session with a personal soccer trainer. A trainer will make sure people are using the proper technique that decreases the risk of injury (such as a pulled muscle) while increasing peoples? chances of making it onto the soccer team.

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