How to Choose the Best Soccer Camp: A Simple Decision with the Right Information

Nowadays, parents are inundated with opportunities for programs for their children to participate in ? dance, music, art, sports, martial arts, skating, gymnastics, etc. For some people, it is simply a matter of juggling activities, exposing children to the widest range of activities and ensuring high standards are being met in each of these activities. Some families have the added challenge of having to choose programs not only based on schedules but on cost. All these need to be considered.? Once the activity is decided upon, for example, soccer, determine how to choose the best soccer camp to meet your family needs. Let us look at a couple factors that have an impact on choosing the best soccer camp in California: accessibility or availability and reputation.

Accessibility / Availability

For most families, decisions on children?s activities will be greatly impacted by location, availability and accessibility. Most communities will have recreational soccer leagues, providing play opportunities for children ? coaches are often parents and are volunteers rather than professional coaches. For children who are simply playing to stay active and have fun, these programs are perfect. However, for the child who wants to focus on their skill development or progress to a more competitive program, they may be looking for something more. World Cup Soccer Camps, realizing the importance of accessibility, have opened up soccer camp programs in Northern California and across the USA. Click here for a complete list of our locations and available camps.


Best Soccer Camps and Clinics in CaliforniaWhen you are paying for a program, it is important to know that not only are your children safe and respected and having fun, but that they are being exposed to the game and taught skills by those qualified to do so. When determining how to choose the best soccer camp, the quality of coaching is key as is the reputation of the program itself. Specific to reputation, World Cup Soccer Camps began in 1991 with two small camps; we have grown steadily each year, adding more sites and increasing the numbers of children accessing the program. Last year over four thousand children joined our camps. In our soccer camps, there is an emphasis on instruction targeted to the age and skill level of each child. With a 1:10 coach to player ratio, there is more time to evaluate individual players and focus on developing both athletic and team building skills while ensuring every child has fun.

Why World Cup Soccer Camps

Here at World Cup Soccer Camps, we provide top notch soccer camps, clinics, after-school classes, team camps, goalkeeper training and personal soccer training for children of all ages and abilities.? We will work with potential families to choose the best soccer camp or program for their child, based on their current skill level, passion for the game and any known challenges or limitations. We ensure the highest standard of professional coaching with over 90 certified coaches and over two hundred soccer camps in California across 40 cities providing opportunities for over four thousand children.? To find out more about our soccer camps and clinics, contact World Cup Soccer Camps at

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