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Q. What is the camp schedule for the day?
A. Each one of our camps is aimed at focusing on the skills necessary at each step of the soccer life cycle. For information on daily breakdown please see:

Q. Can a child sign up for multiple camps?
A. Yes, we have many campers who sign up for multiple camps. In fact, many campers who participate in several weeks of camp not only improve their skills, but feel more confident in their abilities. Although the camp format will remain consistent, each camp is different with new and fun drills.

Q. What is the coach to camper ratio?
A. Regardless how many campers we have, the ratio of coaches to campers always stays the same (one coach to every twelve campers).

Q. Can I place my son/daughter into a higher (lower) skill group?
A. We place great emphasis on placing campers in a comfortable yet challenging group on the first day of camp. Coaches will monitor each campers progress and asses if they would benefit from moving up or down a level. The camp offers great flexibility to offer the best training possible.

Q. How often do you have water breaks? Is there shade at your camp sites?
A. Safety is our number one priority. Our staff is trained to stop for water breaks frequently throughout camp. We make an effort to hold our camps at sites that provide adequate shade and do not get too hot. If necessary, we will put up tents to provide additional shade for the campers. Remember to put sun screen on your child!

Q. Can a six year old participate in a full day camp or should they only do a half day?
A. This is individual for every child. We have had some campers that are only five and have no problem going the entire day, then others are better only staying for a half day. Pick the camp that you think is most appropriate for your child.

Q. What is your employer id number for tax purposes?
A. It is 94-3398791.

Q. In addition to the summer camps, does World Cup Soccer Camps provide any other clinics etc.?
A. Yes. World Cup Soccer runs many after-school classes (Fall, Winter and Spring). Please see our schedule on our homepage under classes & clinics. In addition we offer a Personal Soccer Training Program. Please visit our Personal Soccer Training link on the home page or give us a call at 408-354-4949.

Q. What is extended care?
A. We offer parents the option of extended day care from 8:00am-9:00am and 3:00pm-5:00pm. During this time your child will be supervised by our staff. We will provide a variety of games (Frisbees, playing cards, board games etc.) for the kids to play with. No soccer instruction will be provided. The staff is there to ensure your child is safe and in a comfortable environment. * Additional $15 hourly fee required.

Q. Does my child get a T-shirt?
A. Yes. Every camper will receive a T-shirt (on Monday of every camp). In addition we hand out a camp evaluation/diploma and a camp memento on Friday.

Q. Where should I buy my soccer equipment?
A. We have several soccer store partners across the Bay Area. Give us a call at 408-354-4949 for the store closest to you.

Q. What size soccer ball should I buy for my child?
A. Ages 8 and younger we recommend a # 3, ages 9 to 11 play with a #4 and age 12 and older play with a # 5. Note: As long as supply lasts we do have all sizes of soccer balls for sale at each camp site.

Q. What does my child need to bring to camp?
A. Please be sure your camper has the following ready for camp each day: soccer ball (we also have balls for sale at every site) shin guards, cleats, indoor cleats or tennis shoes(depending on location), sunscreen, a snack, and water. Full Day campers also need to bring a lunch.