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Covid-19 update: We follow strictly all safety and health guidelines of the health authorities.

Our Personal Soccer Training Program is currently only offered in California.

Personal Attention

World Cup Soccer Camp Private Training Instructors offer Individual & Group training sessions. World Cup Soccer Camps Personal Soccer Training focuses on the individual needs of our clients. Our personal soccer training staff is well qualified to train each client for guaranteed results. All of our trainers are seasoned professionals and will challenge you to meet your goals.

See Purchase for pricing.

Why Hire a Trainer?

Technical Knowledge:
Our trainers have the education and experience and know how to share it with you.

We understand that everyone is unique and requires a program that works on the needs of the individual.

We know how to keep you motivated and focused on your individual goals.

Your time is valuable. We will help you make the most of your 60-minute session by providing you with a time efficient and effective program.

We are committed to our clients and helping them achieve success. Our method of coaching is guaranteed to improve your game.

Training Programs


  1. Platinum Program: Coaches are A, B or C licensed (USSF or comparable organization). Coached at High School Level or higher.
  2. Gold Program: Coaches are licensed by WCSC or USSF(or comparable organization). Coached at Youth Club level or higher.


Personal Soccer Training Costs*
Individual Training Platinum Gold
6 sessions**: $570 $510
1 session: $109 $99
(instructor/player ratio: 1/1)

Group Training Platinum Gold
6 sessions**: $335 $300
1 session: $65 $55
(instructor/player ratio: 1/2)

Group Training Platinum Gold
6 sessions**: $300 $240
1 session: $55 $45
(instructor/player ratio: 1/3)
**all fees are per player


Name Price Purchase
A-Individual Training (1 on 1) Gold-1 Session 99 Purchase
B-Individual Training (1 on 1) Gold-6 Sessions 510 Purchase
C-Individual Training (1 on 1) Platinum-1 Session 109 Purchase
D-Individual Training (1 on 1) Platinum-6 Sessions 570 Purchase
E-Group Training (1 on 2) Gold-1 Session 55 Purchase
F-Group Training (1 on 2) Gold-6 Sessions 300 Purchase
G-Group Training (1 to 2) Platinum-1 Session 65 Purchase
H-Group Training (1 on 2) Platinum-6 Sessions 335 Purchase
I-Group Training (1 on 3) Gold-1 Session 45 Purchase
J-Group Training (1 on 3) Gold-6 Sessions 240 Purchase
K-Group Training (1 on 3) Platinum-1 Session 55 Purchase
L-Group Training (1 on 3) Platinum-6 Sessions 300 Purchase
Y-Team Camp 495 Purchase
Z-Add 1 Full Day 20 Purchase
Z-Add 2 Full Days 40 Purchase
Z-Add 3 Full Days 60 Purchase
Z-Add 4 Full Days 80 Purchase
Z-Add 5 Full Day 100 Purchase