Soccer Camps in the San Francisco Bay Area

The feel of your heart racing as you line up the perfect shot, time slowing down for as your foot connects with the ball. Watching it arc through the air sailing past the goalkeeper?s outstretched hands as your teammates cheer. You?ve just made the winning goal. The game of life indeed.?Soccer and San Francisco have a long history together. The San Francisco Soccer Football League, for example, was founded in 1902, making them the longest running league in the country! With 111 years worth of matches, that adds up to a lot of soccer balls! Year after year, players come out to local area fields to take their place on the pitch to participate in the oldest sport in the world. This is why?soccer camps in the San Francisco Bay area?are popular ? and a great way to get your kids involved in sports.

World Cup Soccer Camps & Clinics have only been around a short time?20 years. But like the?SFSFL, year after year players return to our soccer camps because of the coaches? passion for the game and their dedication to excellence. With over 30 soccer camps in the San Francisco Bay area, world-class instruction is as close as your local high school.

As parents and players both know, nothing beats the feeling of seeing long hours of practices and drills pay off in that shining instant where passion and potential meet. Whether they are the goalkeeper or the captain, each player is an essential member of a team working together with a common purpose.? When the regular season ends, many parents place their children in soccer camps to keep players? skills honed sharp. With World Cup Soccer Camps & Clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area, parents have many options to suit their child?s individual needs.

In?Santa Clara?for example, parents can choose between Advanced level?soccer camps, Goalkeeper camps, classic skill camps, and many more. The day starts at 9:30 AM, and for the full-day participants end around 3 PM. With extended child care available and prices ranging between $229.00 for half day and $269.00 for full day camps, we offer excellent coaching in a fun and safe environment. ?Camps are generally one-week long and run Monday to Friday. With most of their camps held at local area schools and fields, there are no concerns about finding the camp, or it being too far away. And at the end of the camp, all players receive a t-shirt, soccer ball, and special memento to remind them of their time at camp.

San Francisco and soccer have a great history together, stretching back generations to the turn of the 20th?Century. Year after year, parents and players alike make the choice to go to one of the many soccer camps in the San Francisco Bay Area. With over twenty years practice at training and encouraging Bay area players to reach their potential, World Cup Soccer Camps & Clinics can help give players that competitive edge?while still having a great summer experience. Come see what memories can be made.?Contact us?or come check us out at any of our of 30 Bay area locations.

Soccer Camp in California for a Fun Summer

With school soon coming to an end for the year, many parents will be sending their children off to soccer camp. For some players, this will be their first time, others will be heading to a perennial favorite. There are countless options for?soccer camps in California?these days, each with their own array of activities, challenges, and areas of focus. So, which one do you choose?

The right soccer camp in California, can encourage a child to test his/her limits, while making friends and memories that carry them through the summer. Depending on the age and skill level of the player, there are questions many parents consider before choosing a camp: Will my child have fun? How professional is the staff? How many children will there be per coach? Where would the camp be located? How long would the camp be? Would there be after-camp childcare available? We are one of the most reputable and longest running soccer camps serving California and we can answer all your questions.

Soccer camps in California are often run in the off-season with the purpose of improving on the skills players learned in the regular season, while teaching them new techniques and challenging them further. The first rule of soccer camp should be to have fun. Players learn best in a positive environment. It takes skill, practice, and dedication to make it to the top and many kids begin that journey at an early age. Balancing quality instruction and a child?s love of play is crucial in developing a lifelong passion for the game, as well as building confidence and strengthening skills.? By spending the morning focusing on skills and the afternoon in free play?our?classic skills camp, for example, offers young players a chance not only to use the skills they have learned but also to be kids.

Acknowledging that each child has their own strengths and weaknesses is crucial to improving their skill level. With a player to coach ratio of 10:1, we ensure that each player receives the attention needed to reach his/her potential?without getting lost in the crowd. And for parents, we offer?extended childcare?by appointment as well.

And as those interested in pursuing soccer professionally know, keeping a competitive edge is important, and ensuring that skills are not lost in the off-season can become a challenge. World Cup Soccer offers a variety of soccer camps in California to for players of all ages and skill levels, from mini camps?their preschooler introductory camps?to classic skill building camps, team camps, high school players camps, and more. With camps running from half-day to full-day, there are options to fit every player?s schedule. We also offer one on one personal training sessions with coaches, for those wishing to benefit from a more direct focus.

Soccer is one of the oldest sports in the world and can be challenging and fun. ?A game of passion, it can teach lifelong lessons regarding teamwork and overcoming obstacles. Come check out the soccer camps in California and across the USA.

Soccer Camp California Style

There are many fantastic opportunities for children to continue to learn new skills, and develop positive social behaviors while spending time outside the classroom this summer. One of the best ways to incorporate these, plus many additional benefits is enrollment in soccer camp. Children can learn the game of soccer not only through the directed learning experiences that experienced coaches provide in practice and game play, but also through indirect means, such as observation and imitation. As children develop into soccer players, each make their own beautiful and personal contribution in their own way, and help strengthen the team in the process. Every young athlete deserves the chance to develop in a fun, supportive and challenging environment and also deserve to be treated with respect and care as they grow into their full athletic and human abilities. World Cup Soccer Camps and Clinics, the premiere choice for?soccer camps in California, aims to achieve these goals, and many more.

While the majority of the reasons for playing soccer are intrinsic, namely to learn and improve new skills, have fun, and to experience the excitement and thrill of competitive sport, emphasizing and encouraging players to measure their performance by improvements in their own, personal levels of proficiency and ability rather than by comparing themselves to other players or to other teams based on the game outcome is very important. All players achieve their greatest success by committing to ongoing learning and development. At soccer camp in California, this includes a full range of fun and exciting challenges that address all parts of the athletic, soccer and personal experience. The result is a unique and healthy approach to player development that focuses on technical skill, concentration, positive self-value and creative play, and celebrating successes because there is no separation between the development of a healthy, skilled soccer player and a healthy, skilled person.

Soccer and life skills go hand-in-hand, and by delivering deliver a clear development path for all players regardless of experience or ability, the focus can always be on progressive, accelerated learning steps that emphasize soccer skill and mastery in favor of the often more counter-productive ?win at any cost? approach. While mistakes are integral to sport improvement, ridicule, sarcasm and fear have no place in learning and impede both immediate and future performance successes. While everyone recognizes the importance of fair play for youth in sports, actually teaching teach the skills of fair play and putting it into practice to encourage players to succeed at their own desired levels ? both on the soccer field and in the rest of their life is also a critical element of soccer camp. Every player receives the same professional quality instruction, learning opportunities, and fair playing time. These fundamentals are only a few of the foundations of success for selecting a strong soccer camp in California, like World Cup.

The ultimate standard of success is teaching children to love and enjoy the game of soccer, to feel more confident and self-assured in their abilities and knowledge of the game, to experience mutual respect and most importantly, to feel appreciation and pride in the opportunity they had to play a sport they love. Through a comprehensive?soccer?camp in California, all this can be achieved, but the first step is contacting us!